Advanced Flea and Tick Control for Dogs & Cats

There are probably hundreds of flea and tick treatments and products on the market today. It is a multibillion dollar business. How does one navigate through the choices?

Is it by price? Is it by friend’s advice? Is it what the local pet store sells? At Mount Carmel Animal hospital we do extensive research to find the safest and most efficacious medicine we can find. We ask questions such as:

  • Do you own both dogs and cats?
  • Do you have young children in house?
  • Can you pill your dog or cat?
  • Is your pet allergic to fleas?
Not every medication is the same and we tailor every family differently depending on heir specific needs. We are professionals and we will find the right flea and tick medications for you we guarantee it!
Advanced Flea and Tick Control for Dogs & Cats