Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats

A staple in veterinary care is a well-rounded vaccine protocol and schedule to help protect our furry companions!

Whether at the dog park, at the groomer or walking on the trails, there is the possibility of our pets coming into contact with a contagious disease. Keeping up to date on the appropriate vaccinations helps protect our pets and helps ensure they are with us for many years to come. We have specifically tailored our vaccine protocol here at Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital not only for the area that we live in but also the lifestyle of you and your pet, and what the most likely diseases your pets may come into contact with. Please call our front desk to schedule your furry friend’s yearly shots!

We will tailor a vaccine protocol for you and you pet with regard to his or her exposure. All protocols are different. You can feel comfortable that your pet will get no more than he or she needs. We promise!
If you are worried about giving vaccines to your pet but want to make sure that he/she is protected, we also routinely perform vaccine titers. Titers tell us that your pet has antibodies to protect against distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus. It is a little more expensive but will decrease the amount of vaccines that your pet will get over their lifetime. If interested please feel free to talk to us about this very safe option.