Meet Our Team

Exceptional medical care is at the core of what we do here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital. Our doctors are a dedicated and compassionate team of professionals who are committed to superior patient care and client service. Each of our doctors is dedicated to our philosophy of collaborative, patient-focused medicine in which they work as a team to deliver the best care. Our doctors regularly consult with each other and share cases in order to provide continuity of care regardless of which doctor you and your pet see when you are in need of medical care.

Meet Our Doctors

Skilled and compassionate nursing care is an essential part of patient care. Our veterinary technicians support our veterinarians in the care and treatment of patients, and keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Our technicians assist our doctors in surgery, monitor hospitalized patients, administer medications and treatments, perform laboratory procedures, take patient history, provide client education, and much more. The technician team at MCAH brings care and compassion to everything that they do. They receive specialized training in the classroom, on-the-job, and through a variety of Continuing Education opportunities. They are knowledgeable and proficient in many areas including dentistry, nursing care, radiology, surgical and anesthetic assistance and laboratory procedures.

Knowledgeable and efficient administrative professionals are a key part of our ability to deliver exceptional care and service to our clients and patients. Our receptionists are committed to making sure that you and your pet get the care and information you need, when you need it. Answering phone calls and greeting clients and patients is just the start of their responsibilities. Our team of dedicated administrative professionals manage scheduling for appointments and surgical procedures, educate clients on care and recommendations for patients, handle prescription requests and much more.

Our Kennel Assistants are a valuable part of our team. We rely on them to provide support and assistance to our medical team and compassionate care for our patients. They are trained to recognize symptoms of illness or discomfort and bring their concerns to the attention of the medical team. They are also trained in animal behavior and handling in order to perform their daily tasks of feeding, medicating, and walking our in-house patients and boarders. Our Kennel Assistants are also responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness for our clinic.

Mount Carmel Animal Hospital has a team of management professionals who keep our hospital running smoothly and ensure that we deliver on our commitment to excellent medical care and superior service.