Adopt a Cat Month: Preparing to Adopt

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Celebrate Adopt a Cat Month this June and bring home a furry feline friend.

June is Adopt a Cat Month, and we’re here to affirm that there are many benefits of cat ownership. Cats, like dogs, can provide animal lovers with so much companionship and purpose. In addition, you’ll enjoy sharing many adorable videos of your feline friend with friends, family, and your social networks. Did you also know that owning a cat can lower stress and anxiety? The first place to start your online search is the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS). The site has many potential pets with unique personalities and broad age ranges. If you’re thinking about adopting a feline friend in honor of Adopt a Cat Month, here are some tips! 

Consider Your Cat’s Needs

As we said, cats are a lot of fun. They are also a lot of responsibility, though. Before bringing home a new cat, make sure you are ready to take care of it. If this is your first cat, get the house ready with all the cat essentials such as food, food and water dishes, litter boxes, beds, scratching posts, grooming brushes, and toys.

Consider Your Cat’s Personality 

Every cat has a different temperament, just as people have unique identities. It’s important to consider a new cat’s energy level, especially if you have other cats in the house. Adoption counselors can always walk you through finding a feline friend that matches your personality and lifestyle as well as the personalities of the pets already residing in the home.

Ensure Everyone is Comfortable with the Cat

Pet adoption is a big deal and should always be a family decision. Everyone needs to be in agreement with not only wanting to adopt a new cat but also which cat is best to bring into the family. It’s helpful to visit the new kitty with everyone involved so they can meet the new family member prior to it coming home. 

Be Prepared for Introductions

If you have other pets at home, it’s important to properly introduce them to the new pet. This means making sure you have a room you can dedicate to your new cat to keep everyone separated at first. This will allow the new cat to acclimate to its new surroundings and the resident pet to get used to having someone new in the home. 

Once everyone seems calm and relaxed with the new setup, you can start supervised introductions, ideally with a physical barrier such as a baby gate between the pets at first. Supervision in the beginning is key. This will not only allow you to step in if the situation looks like it is going awry but also gives you the opportunity to make the experience pleasurable with positive associations such as treats. You can increase or decrease the time spent together based on how the pets respond to one another. The most important thing to remember when introducing pets to each other is to be patient! They will let you know what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Listen to them and respond accordingly, and things will go much smoother.

Work Out a Budget

Pet ownership isn’t a task to take lightly. Many pet owners refer to their pets as their children. Why? There are many responsibilities associated with cat ownership. A cat adopted from a shelter comes at a reduced cost. In addition, many offer packages that include spaying/neutering services, vaccinations and preventatives, and microchipping. However, cats are a long-term commitment that will need regular veterinary care for the duration of their lives. This includes regular examinations, vaccinations, and preventatives. Just like humans, their care will become more involved and often more costly as they age. You want to ensure that these costs will fit into your budget. 

Call to Make an Appointment with Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

You should schedule an appointment with us a few days after the adoption. We can do a thorough examination of your new feline friend. We can review your cat’s medical history provided by the rescue and discuss any questions you have. Together, we can formulate a plan that will ensure your new cat will live a long, happy life.  

Mount Carmel Animal Hospital is here for you and your new feline friend whenever you’re ready to adopt a curious and captivating cat. 

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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