Canine Rehabilitation: Thermotherapy

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This blog discusses the concept of thermotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound for dogs.

Do you want to make your dog feel happier while relieving their pain from an injury or arthritis? Consider thermotherapy, an easy and effective type of canine rehabilitation. This blog discusses the concept of thermotherapy and therapeutic ultrasound for dogs.

What is Thermotherapy? What is It Used for?

Thermotherapy is the heat application that minimizes stiffness and muscle spasms, increasing blood flow and relieving pain. Unlike cold therapy, thermotherapy is applied after a dog’s injury’s initial inflammation and swelling stage. Also, heat therapy can be used for continuous conditions like arthritis. This will help to improve the range of motion during and after exercise. Besides these healing benefits, thermotherapy provides relaxation and anxiety reduction.

Many forms of commercial heating devices and electrical heating blankets are available in pharmacies and sporting goods stores. Alternatively, you can use a simple homemade heating device consisting of a tube sock filled with uncooked rice. Make sure to tie it at the open end. How long you must warm up the sock will depend on your microwave.

Heat therapy is mainly applied to the following joints of a dog: elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in the back legs and wrists in the front legs. It can also be used on any part of your dog’s body where muscle damage or spasm occurs.

What is Therapeutic Ultrasound? How Does It Work?

A therapeutic ultrasound aims to accelerate the healing of your dog’s damaged tendons, muscles, or ligaments by minimizing inflammation. Since it’s a high-frequency sound wave that causes the molecules to vibrate at a microscopic level, it will increase the blood circulation to the area, decrease swelling, and speed up the healing rate.

Additionally, most treatment sessions last up to 20 minutes, and most patients are treated for two or three sessions weekly until the condition is resolved. During a therapeutic ultrasound treatment session, pets are not sedated because they must be able to indicate if the treatment makes them uncomfortable. However, your pet’s hair will be shaved over the area to be treated, and the veterinarian will apply ultrasound gel to the pet’s skin.

Since therapeutic ultrasound can potentially damage your pet’s tissue, only trained professionals should treat your pet. For more information or questions about thermotherapy, contact the team at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital!


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