How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Independence Day

Independence Day Pet Safety Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

Independence Day is a celebration that many people enjoy.

Independence Day is a celebration that many people enjoy. You have time off work, delicious food to look forward to, and of course, the Independence Day celebrations. However, pets sometimes respond differently to the holidays than people. Some prefer not to be around crowds or don’t fancy loud noises. In addition, pets may attempt to bite into BBQ food, which could cause gastrointestinal issues. While you’re enjoying this holiday, we highly recommend that you keep pet safety in mind. Here is how you can keep your pets safe on July 4th. 

On Independence Day, Keep Your Pets Away From Large Crowds

As COVID restrictions are lifted, large celebrations are being permitted again. This is great for us, but not all pets enjoy big crowds. A small gathering at the house may not be too troublesome to your canine companion or feline friend because they’ll be around familiar faces, and there will be fewer people around compared to a public event. Plus, the heat is something to consider as well. July tends to be one of the hottest months in Maryland, in general. When you put a crowd together, it can feel even warmer, and you don’t want your pet to experience a heat stroke or walk around on hot concrete or pavement. Then, there are the fireworks. Fireworks can disorient pets, and there are also severe burns to the face and paws that a pet could face if they come too close to an exploding display. 

Create A Safe Space In The Home For Your Pet

Pet safety involves creating safe spaces for pets. If you know that your fur baby battles with noise aversion, create a safe space for your pet where they can get away from the noise. You can place them in a dark, quiet room with their favorite toys and a comfy bed. Adaptil is a pheromone that assists in reducing anxiety, and a Thundershirt is a veterinarian-recommended wrap that applies pressure to your dog’s body to help calm them. There are also medications that one of our veterinarians can prescribe to help your fur baby keep calm during stressful celebrations.

Keep the Lighter Fluid and Matches out of Reach

Specific matches contain chlorates that make it harder to breathe and could potentially damage blood cells. In severe cases, pets may also be susceptible to kidney disease. In addition, lighter fluid is a skin irritant on top of causing gastrointestinal irritation. 

Refrain from Allowing Your Pet(s) to Eat BBQ Food

We strongly advise that you keep your furry friend(s) on their regular diet. Foods such as onions, chocolates, salt, yeast dough, and avocados can be toxic to pets. Fatty foods like hamburgers can also cause pancreatitis. Even a change in one meal could cause indigestion and diarrhea. For more tips on pet safety, keep reading our weekly content, and have a safe and happy Independence Day! 

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