Independence Day and Pet Safety

Independence Day and Pet Safety

Happy Independence Day from MCAH!

Tomorrow is Independence Day! Independence Day has a lot of fun traditions that many people enjoy! From fireworks to BBQs and all of the Fourth of July themed outfits and decorations, this holiday is quite the celebration and spectacle. However, some Independence Day activities can be frightening for some pets. A little over a month ago, we discussed dogs and noise aversion. For some canine companions, fireworks, or any loud, unexpected noises can be jarring. The same is true for your feline friends. If you’re a pet parent, it’s always essential to keep pet safety in mind. Here are some recommendations that we encourage you to keep in mind during the Fourth of July. 

Independence Day and Pet Safety Tips

  1. Make sure that alcoholic drinks are out of reach of your pets. Alcoholic beverages can poison pets. If your pet ingests alcohol, they can indeed become intoxicated, weak, very depressed, and even go into a coma. In the worst-case scenario, death can occur due to respiratory failure. But this only happens in severe cases. 
  2. Keep matches and lighter fluid very far away from pets. Some matches can contain chlorates, which can damage blood cells, result in difficulty breathing, or even cause kidney issues in severe cases. Lighter fluid is also a skin irritant. If a pet ingests lighter fluid, this could result in gastrointestinal irritation or central nervous system depression. If a pet merely inhales lighter fluid, breathing issues could develop. 
  3. Keep up with your pet’s regular diet. The Fourth of July’s unspoken rule is that you can indulge in delicious hotdogs and hamburgers, but your pet shouldn’t. Foods such as onions, chocolate, coffee, grapes, avocados, raisins, yeast dough, and salt can all be toxic to pets. That juicy burger and grease drippings can also cause an upset belly or pancreatitis. Therefore, you should keep your pet on their regular, healthy diet. If your pet doesn’t have the best nutrition, then our experienced veterinarians can offer their recommendations. 
  4. Refrain from using fireworks around pets! Fireworks are dangerous for several reasons. Lit fireworks can result in severe burns as well as face and paw trauma. Because some pets are curious creatures, they may not recognize the dangers of being too close to fireworks. Did you know that even unused fireworks can pose a threat? Many contain toxic chemicals such as potassium nitrate as well as arsenic and other toxic, heavy metals. 

A Note on Pet Safety and Noise Aversion

If you know that your fur baby struggles with noise aversion, keep them in a safe place. We recommend an escape-proof room with a door or a kennel. For details on what to do about pet poisoning, reach out to the ASPCA or Pet Poison Helpline. Also, remember to flood social media with adorable pet pictures. Happy Fourth of July from MCAH! 

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