Let’s Learn About National Physical Therapy Month!

National Physical Therapy Month Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

Today we encourage you to learn about National Physical Therapy Month!

Today we encourage you to learn about National Physical Therapy Month! Since 1981, National Physical Therapy Month has aimed to spread awareness about physical therapy and inspire people and pets to find relief from pain, improve mobility, and live healthier lives overall. Today, we will discuss the rehabilitation therapy we offer for pets at MCAH and discuss the benefits of underwater treadmills and laser therapy.

What You Should Know About HART 

Hereford Animal Rehabilitation Therapy (HART) is a division of MCAH. HART provides rehabilitation therapy services for pets recovering from injury or surgery or those with chronic conditions such as arthritis or who may be obese. Rehabilitation services will undeniably ensure that your pet has better mobility and a higher quality of life. If your goal is for your pet to have a quicker recovery from surgeries, increased strength, and achieve healthy weight goals through exercise, you should indeed consider these services. 

What to Know About Underwater Treadmills 

After a patient goes through orthopedic or neurological surgery, a heated underwater treadmill can help with recovery. The water resistance coupled with the patient feeling much lighter underwater enables a pain-free experience when dealing with joints that have been through trauma. In short, underwater treadmills are a low-impact form of exercise that helps build muscle mass. In addition, underwater treadmills help with weight loss. 

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy helps with tissue repair, and it’s optimal for both dogs and cats. It’s non-invasive, reduces recovery time, has no severe side effects, resolves inflammation, and reduces pain. In addition, it can serve as an alternative to your canine companion or feline friend taking prescription medicine for pain relief. 

How to Honor National Physical Therapy Month

Of course, we always encourage you to share our content to spread awareness about important topics in health. Also, we stress that if you believe your pet is overweight or has other health issues, you should bring them to one of our compassionate veterinarians so that counseling can begin. Also, since people can experience joint trauma like pets, we encourage pet owners to care for their health. You and both your canine companion or feline friend should enjoy the experience of pain-free playtime. Anyone can live a long and fulfilling life by taking care of their health and addressing any issues. 

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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