Monkton: It’s Chip Your Pet Month in May

mt. carmel animal hospital chip your pet month

Take advantage of Chip Your Pet Month to receive a service from us!

Furry friends deserve all the protection and love we can provide them, and that’s where microchipping comes in. Even though collars and tags are important, microchipping adds extra peace of mind. In honor of Chip Your Pet Month, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital in Monkton, MD, wants to unleash the importance of microchipping

What’s a Microchip and How Does It Work?

Think of a microchip as your pet’s secret agent gadget, which is implanted under the skin. It’s accident-proof and tamper-proof. Unlike tags and collars that can easily fall off or get lost, a microchip is a permanent solution to keeping your furry friend safe. In addition, the microchip is tiny, about the size of a rice grain, and won’t weigh your pet pal down.

Moreover, microchipping is fairly pain-free and quick and can occur during a routine vet visit. Fortunately, your pet won’t need anesthesia, and most animals are fine with it – especially if they see treats! The microchip is injected under your furry friend’s skin with a hypodermic needle, that’s slightly more significant than a routine injection.

Benefits of a Microchip

Even the most well-behaved pets can get lost. Even if they lose their collars and ID tags in the process, they’ll always have a permanent ID number with a microchip. Whoever scans your pet’s microchip can contact the microchip registry database to reach you as long as your registration information is current. Plus, microchips can prove ownership if your fur baby gets mistaken for a stray. So, the best reason to microchip your animal is it provides you the best chance of getting your pet back in case they are lost or stolen.

Mount Carmel Animal Hospital provides microchip implantation for all pets. Our service is quick and virtually painless, taking only a minute or two. Even better, it can be done during your pet’s annual wellness exam or while they are being neutered. We even register your pets for you, so you don’t have to worry about it! So, take advantage of Chip Your Pet Month to receive a service from us!

Statistics on Lost/Recovered Dogs and Cats

Many dogs and cats have lost their way from home. On average, only 3 to 4% of dogs that arrive at shelters are microchipped. The statistic is even lower for cats since less than 1% of those entering shelters are microchipped. Additionally, microchip pets are up to twenty times more likely to reunite with their owners. Overall, microchipping your pet is a simple, cost-effective procedure with minimal risks.

Since it’s Chip Your Pet Month this month, schedule an appointment or ask us any questions at 410-343-0200.


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