National Puppy Day in Harford County

mount carmel animal hospital national puppy day

In honor of National Puppy Day, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital near Harford County will help to ensure you are ready to care for your new pet.

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone. However, there is plenty to consider when you first bring your new puppy home, including walking, feeding, training, socialization, and vaccination. So, it’s essential to know what to do! In honor of National Puppy Day, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital near Harford County will help to ensure you are ready to care for your new pet.


Just like toddlers, puppies are curious and don’t understand what is safe or off-limits. This is why it’s vital to puppy-proof your home. You will protect your home, prevent bad habits, and keep your pup safe. Here are some simple tips for puppy-proofing your household in Harford County:

  • Keep hazardous items behind locked doors or stored up high.
  • Tie all electrical wires out of your puppy’s reach.
  • Store everything valuable away, such as cell phones.
  • If you don’t want something to become a chew toy, keep your items in a closed closet.
  • Consider switching to garbage cans with lids to avoid your pup from getting in your trash.
  • Analyze your backyard for hazards such as toxic plants or holes in the fence.


It’s also crucial to have all the necessities, such as chew toys and crates, before you bring your new puppy home. Check out the following things to add to your shopping list:

  • An exercise pen or baby gates
  • Dog crate – ensure to select the right size to avoid any puppy incidents
  • A collar or harness and leash
  • Puppy bowls and food
  • Chew toys that are not too small for your pet to prevent a choking hazard
  • Observe National Puppy Day and pick up a special treat for your pup!
  • Grooming tools because it’s never too early to trim and brush your pet.


Every interaction between you and your pet has the possibility of bonding and teaching something new. Here are some training tips to keep in mind:

  • Prevent accidents from day one by potty training your pet. Your canine must know precisely where you expect him or her to do their business.
  • Set the house rules to prevent confusing your puppy.
  • Teach your pup basic behaviors such as sit, watch me, or down. Also, consider looking for a puppy class near Harford County to help with training and socialization.

Veterinary Care

Most puppies visit the veterinarian at eight weeks of age for a wellness exam and to begin vaccinations and parasite preventives. Your puppy will need several visits as they grow to finish out their vaccine series. This is also an ideal time for you to discuss your puppy’s vaccination schedule, behavior, and training with your vet. For National Puppy Day, contact Mount Carmel Animal Hospital for any concerns or questions regarding your new puppy.


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