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Here are a few pet safety tips to help keep pets safe.

While having friends, family, and neighbors together for holiday celebrations or a big sports event is fun, we may overlook pet safety when entertaining. With new people, sounds, sights, and many foods and beverages, there are several ways for pets to get into trouble. Here are a few pet safety tips to help keep pets safe.

Pet Safety During Parties

Avoiding Anxiety

If your pet appears frightened or agitated when people are over, it might be better to crate them or keep them in a separate room by themselves. So, get off to a good start and keep your pet in a safe, controlled space in your home until people have arrived. Let your guests know you have pets if they have allergies or are afraid of animals. This is an excellent time to share that you prioritize pet safety! Your guests should know you want your pet to avoid eating people’s food or beverages.

Some pets can be frightened by loud noises, so monitor the noise level at your party. If your furry companion becomes flustered with loud sounds, keep them in a secure room away from the activity. Fortunately, you can help reduce stress or mask noise by leaving a radio or TV on at a low level in the secure room.

We all know someone who adores our pet, so select a person you trust and ask him or her to help as a pet watcher when there are guests. They can ensure your pet doesn’t eat what they shouldn’t, get into trouble, or accidentally get outside.

Trash Safety

Make sure also to have covered trashcans around for guests. Remind them to dispose of cups, paper plates, and napkins away instead of leaving them on chairs or tables. Non-disposable tableware must be brought to your kitchen counter or sink. Another part of pet safety is occasionally walking around the house to collect waste materials your guests might need to throw away properly.

Food and Alcohol Safety

Many foods can be fatal to pets, including grapes, onions, chocolate, caffeinated beverages, diet foods, avocados, and nuts. In addition, bones are dangerous because they can create blockages or perforations if eaten. Please keep these human foods and snacks out of your pet’s reach.

Pets should never ingest alcohol of any kind in any volume. Be sure all alcoholic beverages are kept away from pets. Be mindful of any spills and clean them up immediately to prevent your pet from licking up the alcohol. Overall, planning goes a long way to keeping pets safe whenever you entertain. End on a good, safe note, and have a great time!


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