November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month

Adopt a Senior Dog Month Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

Bring home a senior dog this month, and we guarantee you won’t regret it

November is Adopt a National Senior Dog Month! This entire month is dedicated to helping older dogs find loving homes. Senior dogs often aren’t the first option when people go to a shelter looking to adopt a canine companion. Puppies are very popular, but the reality is that dogs of all ages (just like people) need love. For this reason, we encourage you to spread the word about National Adopt a Senior Dog Month. In the meantime, here are some benefits of owning an older dog and how to take care of one. 

The Benefits of Bringing Home a Senior Dog

Puppies are undeniably adorable. But the truth is they come with a lot of work. Of course, the patience and diligence needed to train and acclimate a puppy to a new home are always worth it. Puppies tend to be very energetic and a lot of fun. However, you may appreciate a senior dog because they’re typically calmer. That’s not to say a senior dog won’t need time to learn the expectations of their new home. But, contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks! You may be surprised that senior pets are pretty proficient at learning commands. 

Older dogs often are already set in their personality types. Younger pets take time to develop, even when it comes to their personality. With an older dog, it won’t take long to gauge their characteristics. 

How to Love and Take Care of An Older Dog

  1. Be mindful of what your “seasoned” dog eats. It’s essential to find an age-appropriate diet for a senior dog because, as pets age, they lose energy, resulting in obesity. Here at MCAH, we care about weight management and can find an excellent diet for your dog. 
  2. Exercise regularly with your canine companion. Even if your dog doesn’t move as quickly as they did in their younger days, they still need to move. Take it slowly and take things lightly, but ensure that they get out for a walk each day.
  3. Bring them into MCAH consistently. As pets age (like people), their systems inevitably weaken over time. For this reason, never neglect to bring your dog into the vet’s office. Maintain your dog’s oral health, keep them vaccinated, regularly groom your canine companion, and of course, spend time with them. 

If you’re interested in bringing home a senior dog this month, Contact BARCS

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