Pets and Facts About COVID-19

COVID-19 and pets Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

COVID-19 can spread from people to pets, so be extra careful if you’re a pet owner

In late April, WJZ reported that people have a possibility of spreading COVID-19 to animals or their pets. CBS News reported that a pug named Winston was the first pet to contract the virus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. While there is limited data on how COVID-19 affects pets, the CDC does offer sound advice on how to keep your pets (and yourself) protected. Today we’ll provide a summary of what the CDC says about pets and the coronavirus. 

Is it Possible to Contract COVID-19 From Animals?

The CDC reports that there isn’t any evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the virus. The risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is relatively low. The small number of reports of animals contracting the virus stems from the animals’ contact with people that had COVID-19. While pets can contract canine and feline coronaviruses, they can’t spread these viruses to their pet owners. These viruses are not related to COVID-19. 

While there isn’t any evidence that animals can spread coronavirus to other people, pets can still spread other diseases. We call these diseases “zoonotic” diseases. With this in mind, it’s always best practice to maintain proper hygiene. After playing with your canine companion or feline friend, you indeed want to wash your hands. You also want to keep your pets well-groomed. Also, owning a pet means that keeping the house clean will take a little extra work, but it’s necessary to reduce germs and bacteria. 

Should You Walk Your Dog?

Absolutely! Walking your dog (and spending time with pets in general) is excellent for your mental health and well-being. Remember to remain six feet away from people and do not go near large crowds. You may feel an urge to go to the local pet park, but this isn’t the best idea. Taking your pet for a walk around the neighborhood is acceptable if there aren’t many people outside. You don’t want to run the risk of being clumped together. 

If I Contract The Virus, Should I Stay Away From My Pet?

Because pets are family members, and you should treat them as such. Just like you wouldn’t want a loved one to get sick, the same idea applies to your canine companion or feline friend. The CDC also mentions that testing on animals is rare and that they don’t recommend animals getting tested. For more information about COVID-19 and animals, click here

We hope that you, your pets, and your entire family are safe and healthy through these challenging times. If your pets are sick, give us a call. We do offer emergency services. 

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