Southern York County: It’s Officially National Adopt a Cat Month!

mt. carmel animal hospital national adopt a cat month

Since it’s National Adopt a Cat Month, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital wants to ensure you find life-long love when adopting a cat.

Meow! June 1 marked the beginning of National Adopt a Cat Month, which encourages us to remember our cats when considering a new pet. Shelters are always full of cats and kittens of many personalities, colors, and coats. Since it’s National Adopt a Cat Month, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital wants to ensure you find life-long love when adopting a cat. So, take your time and read these helpful tips!

Consider Taking Home Two Cats

Are you planning to adopt a cat? Consider taking home two cats! Two cats can provide the following for each other: exercise, social interaction, and mental stimulation. In addition, they’ll benefit you. Cats’ purring has been shown to comfort humans and themselves. They also have an odd way of making you smile. So, a great place to start your research is online. BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore is a great place to find a new member of the family. Websites such as also allow you to seek many shelters near your area simultaneously to help narrow your search and quickly locate the absolute match for you and your new feline companion.

Moreover, find a cat whose personality complements yours. Do you want a playful, energetic cat or a mellow, cuddly cat? If you would rather a more relaxed feline friend, consider adopting a senior cat. Adoption counselors often provide advice to assist you in matching the cat’s personality with yours.

Prepare Your Home for a New Feline Friend

Ensure everyone in your household is ready to receive a cat before its arrival. Visiting the animal control facility or shelter must be a family affair. Also, discuss with your shelter how to make a proper introduction when adopting a feline with existing pets at home.

Have your new cat feel at home immediately with a litter box, cat litter, food, water bowls, scratching posts, food, a comfy bed, safe and stimulating toys, and a grooming brush. Another way to prepare your household for a cat is to cat-proof it. You will quickly learn not to leave things lying out. For instance, food left on the kitchen counter will teach your new pet pal to jump on the counters for a potential lunch. Don’t forget to eliminate loose items your kitten may chew on, including electric cords, and random items such as paper clips.

Socialize Cats Slowly

It may take multiple weeks for a new cat to settle in a new environment, so it’s ideal to keep him or her secluded in a single room until he or she adapts to the new surroundings. This is especially essential if there are other pets in your home. Remember that socialization is crucial for a cat, but take it slow.

Is the Cat a Gift for Someone Else?

If you’re considering giving a cat as a gift, confirm the recipient actively participates in the adoption process. In particular, the surprise kitty gift doesn’t provide a “get-to-know-one-another” period. Keep in mind that cats are real living, emotional beings when considering adopting a cat during National Adopt a Cat Month.


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