Tick Control in the Fall

Ticks commonly are thought of as summer pests, something that we all need to start wearing Deet for as soon as we are able to get out and enjoy the warm weather!  Due to the life cycle of ticks, however, fall is equally, if not more important, to pay attention to in regards to tick prevention.

Ticks are found in wooded areas along trails, in your backyard, or where deer frequent. The larvae and nymphs are active in the spring and early summer; adults may be active in both the spring and fall. The blacklegged / deer tick can transmit Lyme disease, babesiosis and possibly ehrlichiosis to both us and our canine companions, and the adults are active in our area in the fall.

Due to the nature of the tick life cycle, with different seasons showing heightened activity for different lifestyles, we support tick prevention throughout fall.  Here at Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital, we offer two options for tick prevention.  For puppies, due to their rapid growth and development, we offer single month-by-month doses of a product called Nexgard.  Nexgard is an oral chew that kills fleas and ticks for a full month, and is safe for puppies over four pounds and eight weeks of age or older.  For adult dogs who are done growing, we offer a product called Bravecto.  Bravecto is an oral chew that kills fleas and ticks for a full three months, making it one of the most effective and convenient products on the market!  Give us a call to discuss the best options to prevent tick-borne diseases in your dog throughout the year!

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