Puppy Training Tips to Get You Through Train Your Pet Month

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January is Train Your Pet month, and MCAH is dedicated to helping you out.

January is Train Your Pet month, and MCAH is dedicated to helping you out. In this blog, we will discuss the most important things you can do to improve your pet’s training. Training is about consistent, positive reinforcement of good behaviors. Without these elements, your pet will be confused, and so will you.

Be consistent

Do your best to avoid confusing your dog. Use specific phrases and do not interchange them. Direct, simple, and consistent commands will help your dog learn faster. Avoid common and short words like “go”. Instead, use “release” or “done”. Regardless of their age, dogs will quickly adapt to new commands and names as long as their training is consistent.

Redirection of bad behavior

Avoid punishing your dog when they misbehave. They do not always understand punishments, no matter how close in time to the incident it is. Redirect their bad behavior by calling their name in a gentle and happy voice. Get their attention and give them a new activity like a toy or play with them. Dogs are naturally curious, especially as puppies. Redirect their energy by giving them something to do. Keeping them mentally stimulated with dog puzzles and treat balls can eliminate many bad behaviors.

Positive reinforcement of good behavior

Treats, cuddles, and all kinds of praise are ways to give positive reinforcement during training. Good behavior may look like small increments of improvement, but your pet will benefit from the positive reinforcement. During your training, you should have clear objectives that your dog will be able to learn step by step. Complicated commands are simply lots of simple commands over time. 

Short, frequent training sessions

Training should be on dog time. When your dog wants to play or interact with you, this is your chance to train them on their time. Short and frequent training sessions are a wonderful way to build your pet’s skills. Dogs have shorter attention spans and will get frustrated or bored, making training impossible. 

Classes at MCAH

Mount Carmel Animal Hospital is happy to help you with any of your training needs. We offer classes to help you learn how to train your pet!

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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