Weight Management Tips for Pets

Obesity affects both pets and people.

Obesity affects both pets and people. Luckily, here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, we offer weight management for pets. The ability to move around freely adds value to a pet’s life. A healthy life is a happy life. With over 50% of both dogs and cats being overweight, this is a crucial health concern. Did you also know that pets, just like people, can develop arthritis, diabetes, and cancer? If your pet is overweight, hope is not lost. There are ways that you can manage their weight. Keep reading to learn more about weight management tips for pets.

Count Calories

Counting calories isn’t a fun task, but dieting makes a difference. Portion control matters. If you’re unaware of how many calories your pet needs each day, then figuring out how much to feed them is impossible. The feeding guides on bags typically refer to spayed and neutered dogs and cats who are adults with an active lifestyle. If your pet doesn’t meet this criterion, then you may be feeding them the wrong amount of food. If your cat or dog is older and less active, then they most likely aren’t burning off the calories they take in. Also, each pet’s metabolism varies. Your best bet is to talk to a veterinarian to gain clarity.

Measuring Meals Matter

Guesswork won’t help your precious pet lose weight. Most pet owners fill up the entire bowl or take a random guess at how much to feed their furry friend. Some cat owners even keep the bowl full so that their cute, cat companion can eat all day. This method packs on the pounds, so be sure to measure your pet’s food consistently.

Treat Your Pet With Tact

Your pet deserves love and admiration, especially when they listen to you and do good. What more excellent way to treat your pet than with a treat? However, feeding your pets too many treats makes the calories add up. Treats to pets is what junk food is to people. Everything in moderation. If you want your pet to indulge in snacking, make sure to go for low-sugar, low-calorie options. Snacks like sweet potato or blueberry bites help with mobility.

Take Your Pet for A Walk

Another way to show your pet that you love them is to spend time with them. Taking your pet for a walk or run not only promotes exercise, but it enhances the emotional bond. Fresh air is so healthy. What better way to destress after a long day of work than by bonding with your beloved cat or dog?

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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