Zoey’s ACL Injury Part 6

Physical therapy attempts to maintain muscle mass and range of motion in the affected leg while the bone is healing.  On average, bone takes approximately 8-12 weeks to heal in young, healthy dogs that are not overly active on their injured leg.  In older patients or patients who are not adequately exercise restricted, bone healing may take up to 10-12 weeks.  We traditionally take our first set of post-op radiographs at 10-12 weeks.  At this point, we are able to assess how well the bone is healing, as well as determine the remaining physical therapy plan.  Typically, these radiographs do not require sedation or an in-hospital stay (unless a patient is too excited!).  The following is Zoey’s 7-week post-op xray (hers were taken on the earlier side, to show the healing process).

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