Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

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There are so many benefits to owning a cat.

Happy June! It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. This month, MCAH encourages you to consider the fantastic benefits of bringing home a new, furry feline friend. Shelters are full of cats that need love, support, and homes. Today we’ll be sharing some of the many benefits of owning a cat. We will also go over the primary ways that you should cater to a cat. Finally, we will relay information from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) on how to adopt a furry friend. 

Why You Should Bring a Cool Cat to Your Home

  • Low-Maintenance– Cats undeniably need care, but for the most part, they are independent animals. Most adults have a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes it’s impossible to look after your pet every five seconds. Although there are devices that can help you look after your pet when you aren’t physically present, cats can often entertain themselves when you aren’t around to do so or become slightly busy. Tie up a feather to a string or give them a squeaky mouse tool, and they’ll be entertained for hours! 
  • Companionship– This reason is the most compelling reason to own a cat or any pet in general. Although they are independent, cats are also incredibly affectionate and loving. When you have a feline friend by your side, you never have to be alone. Imagine coming home after a long day and having a fur baby to meow and greet you. Or imagine feeling down and having a feline friend to comfort you. Taking care of an animal gives many pet owners a new purpose in life and gives life a new meaning. 
  • Cuteness/Fun– Kittens, and cats in general, are undeniably cute, and a bunch of fun. Sure, cats love to nap. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t bring excitement to a home. Every cat has character and a unique personality. Are you not convinced about the awesomeness of cats? Take a moment to search for hilarious cat videos on the internet, and try not to laugh or smile just once. 

The Essentials of Taking Care of a Cat

  1. Give them companionship
  2. Provide healthy meals with a constant supply of fresh water
  3. Provide your cat with a stimulating but safe environment
  4. Keep your cat vaccinated against common feline diseases 
  5. Bring your cat to one of our veterinarians every year for a health check

The Basics of BARCS

BARCS is now open to the public for adoption services on Wednesdays and Sundays, but by appointment only. You can email them at [email protected] or call 410-396-4695. If you are interested in a particular cat, there is an adoption application that you need to fill out before your appointment. Online, they have descriptions and pictures of both canine companions and feline friends that you can bring home. 

How to Observe Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

  • Adopt a Cat (and share a selfie with the hashtag #AdoptACatMonth) 
  • Donate to BARCS
  • Volunteer at BARCS
  • Tell us why you love your cat and what being a pet owner means to you 

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We Treat Pet Owners and Pets Like Family!

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