How to Take Care of Your Pet When You Aren’t Physically There

Today, we’ll offer some tips on how to take care of your pet when you aren’t physically there. 

Sometimes duty calls, and being a pet owner and working can be quite the balancing act. Loving your furry friend means that sometimes you have to work hard to keep buying them what they need to live a happy, healthy life. It may be hard to stay away from your pet for too long, but there are ways to make sure that your pet is safe and secure, even when you have to work late or run some errands in places that aren’t pet-appropriate. Today, we’ll offer some tips on how to take care of your pet when you aren’t physically there. 

Make Sure That Your Pet Has Food and Water

Most pet owners feed their pets at a specific time each day. If you’re working late or need to come home late, it may help to invest in an automated feeder when this happens. Auto-waterers also exist. These help to keeps your pets fed and hydrated while you are away. Some models run on a timer and connect to an app on your phone, where you can feed your pet remotely.

Keep Plenty of Toys Around

While you’re away from your pet, you want to make sure that your pet doesn’t stay bored, and that they have physical and mental stimulation. There are unique, interactive toys that exist that will keep your cat or dog entertained while you aren’t home. Chew toys, treat toys, and puzzle toys are just a few among many. 

Treats and Reassurance Help With Nervous Pets

Some pets may not take too well to being alone longer than usual. Smart treat dispensers exist, and what’s excellent about smart treat dispensers is that they have two-way audio and video that allows you to see your pet, talk to your pet, and dispense treats. For a pet that may be nervous, this can reassure them that they are safe and loved. 

Monitor Their Behavior

Some smart treat dispensers are camera-enabled, but the scope of the view doesn’t go too far. Installing a few cameras so that you can monitor your pet while you’re away is helpful. You can see if they’re digging in the trashcan or treating the person that may be watching them nicely (or vice versa). You can also laugh the silly and comical things that they may be doing while you’re not there. 

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