Animal Care Tips for Adopt a Senior Dog Month

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Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month?

Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Dog Month? Adopting a senior dog is a beautiful way to give a loving home to an animal that deserves to be cared for in its last stretch of life. Senior dogs pose their own issues when it comes to proper animal care. In this blog, we will discuss some home care tips for senior dogs.

What Care Does a Senior Dog Need?

  • Exercise is an essential part of care for senior animals. They may have less energy than they did as puppies, but adequate exercise will lengthen their lifespan and work out their muscles. Exercise is a great way to help your senior dog keep up their mobility as they age.
  • A healthy diet promotes a healthy weight for your pet. Dogs may need a change in diet as they age if they are gaining weight or developing allergies. At Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, we provide weight management tips and regimens for your pets. Obesity is a common problem for senior dogs as they lose their energy over the years. MCAH is committed to helping you properly manage your senior dogs’ weights to help them live as long as possible.
  • Routine vet visits are the most important part of care for elderly pets. As pets age, just like humans, they can develop health issues. Taking your senior dog for consistent routine visits will allow your veterinarian to observe any changes in behavior or health over time. It also allows you to ensure you are meeting all of your dog’s care needs.

Some Mobility Aids for Your Senior Dog

Adopting an elderly pet is a big commitment. However, there are tools to help make your life and your dog’s life better. For senior dogs with vision issues, a Halo Harness can keep them safe. The harness has a circular wire that hovers around their head, stopping the dog from running into things. Another mobility aid is a Help Em Up Harness, used for pets with joint and mobility issues. The harness attaches around your dog’s pelvis and shoulders. Both areas have a handle above it for you to hold on to. This allows you to help your dog get up. As you walk your senior dog, you can also hold them up and relieve pressure on their joints. Talk to our staff about any questions you have about adopting a senior dog this November!

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