Let’s Learn About Halloween Pet Safety!

Halloween Pet Safety Tips Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

Halloween pet safety includes ensuring that your pet likes their costume

This week’s topic of discussion is Halloween pet safety. Halloween is synonymous with fun costumes, costume parties, trick-or-treating, Halloween-themed movies and TV specials, and a lot of candy. However, the celebrations that mean so much to people have a different effect on pets. Nevertheless, keeping your pets safe on Halloween doesn’t have to be “tricky.” Today we encourage you to learn about Halloween pet safety, and here’s what you should know. 

Halloween Pet Safety Involves Hiding the Treats

We suggest that you save the candy for the trick-or-treaters. The candy bowl shouldn’t be anywhere near your canine companion or feline friend. A lot of popular Halloween treats are toxic to our furry friends. Chocolate, whether it’s dark, milk, or white, is toxic to pets. In addition, while sugar-free chocolate may be a healthier alternative for people, the xylitol or sugar substitute that it contains is toxic to pets. If your pet ingests a poisonous substance, call the ASPCA Poison Control Center immediately and bring your pet in to be treated by one of our skilled veterinarians. 

Choose Costumes Wisely 

It depends on the pet, but some costumes cause pets discomfort. Pick outfits that don’t restrict your pet’s movement or make it harder for them to breathe, bark, or meow. Examine the costume for small pieces that could be a safety hazard or cause your pet to choke. In addition, it would be best to refrain from forcing your pet to wear a costume. If they don’t love it, try another outfit or stick to reserving the exciting costumes for you and your family. 

Search for Signs of Anxiety 

While Halloween might be a holiday that you look forward to each year because of all the visitors, your four-legged friend might not feel the same way. Loud noises and celebrations can be quite nerve-wracking for some pets. If your pet experiences noise aversion, keep them in a separate room during trick-or-treating hours. Give them a special toy or treat to keep their minds off the commotion going on outside. Otherwise, your canine companion or feline friend may dart out the door as you open the door for guests. If your pet ever leaves home in fear, you want to ensure that they have the proper identification and are easily identifiable. A collar with ID tags coupled with a microchip serves as a lifesaver for lost pets. 

Happy Halloween from Mount Carmel Animal Hospital! If you take cute photos with your pets during Halloween, tag us on social media! 

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