Arthritis: Top Signs That Your Pet May Have It

We specialize in treating osteoarthritis in dogs and cats.

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, we treat various medical conditions, including arthritis. If you know for sure that your canine companion or furry feline friend has arthritis, then give us a call. We specialize in treating osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. While we cannot reverse the deterioration of cartilage, we can offer some services that will ease your pet’s discomfort. These services include stem cell therapy, specialized diets, pain medications, and more! Not sure if your pet has arthritis? We’re here to share some of the top signs. Keep reading.


Limping is the number one sign that your pet has this condition. When dogs and cat are in severe discomfort, they favor one leg over the other. When your pet first gets up, you may notice that the limping seems critical and then over time, their muscles warm up as they continue to move around.

Limited Mobility

If your cat or dog no longer performs specific actions, then this is most likely because it’s too painful to do so. For example, hopping in and out of cars is relatively easy for pets. If this stops, you should take note of it. More specifically, cats, more so than dogs, are known for jumping, leaping, and pouncing. Arthritic cats will refrain from doing so. 

Spinal Pain

Osteoarthritis doesn’t just affect the back, but it affects the spine as well. As a result of this, your pet may have a sore and stiff neck. They may also have an abnormal hump in their spine or unusual gait from the pain in one or both of their hind legs.


If you notice that your furry friend seems extremely tired or lethargic, then you want to bring them in to see a vet. Both people and pets become tired. Catnaps are normal. However, if you notice a complete lack of motivation, then something is wrong. When your dog takes shorter walks than usual, then they may have arthritis.

Muscle Atrophy

Because osteoarthritis causes the cartilage to tear, this could result in your pet having thinner legs. Legs also become weaker due to lack of activity and decreased use of their muscles. If you suspect that your pet is in pain, they don’t have to suffer. We can help you precious pet power through the pain. We even offer in-home services for you and your companion’s comfort and convenience. 

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