Are Dental Services for Pets Necessary?

Yes, dental services for pets are necessary, and we offer them here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital.

Yes, dental services for pets are necessary, and we offer them here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital. Investing in dental services is a way that you can extend your pet’s life. Brushing your pet’s teeth isn’t always enough. Did you know that a high percentage of pets develop periodontal (gum) disease by the age of three? We focus on dental Xrays and periodontal care and treatment because we know that proper dental treatment goes beyond merely cleaning the surface. We even offer in-home dental care services for your pets. Today we’re going to talk more about why dental services are necessary for your pet, the causes of periodontal disease, and more! Keep reading.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is a disease that affects the surrounding tissues of your pet’s teeth. It’s the primary cause behind tooth loss. It starts when bacteria combined with food particles cause plaque to form on the teeth. Within days, plaque turns into tartar. This bacteria can cause gingivitis or gum inflammation. Once this bacteria forms under the gums, tissue damage is often a result as well as tooth loss. If not addressed, the bacteria can travel to the bloodstream, causing infection in the heart, kidneys, and liver. 

How Do I Know if My Pet Has Gum Disease?

Some common signs are bad breath, your pet not wanting you or anyone to touch them on the head, swelling of the mouth or face, and bleeding gums. Other signs include excessive salivation, broken or loose teeth, and your pet dropping food or using one side of their mouth to chew. 

Why is Dental Cleaning Valuable?

Dental cleaning is valuable because it is the only way that a veterinarian can remove built-up tartar and plaque from below the gum line. The process takes no more than two hours, and your pet will be under anesthesia. Anesthesia helps take away any pain or discomfort. During the procedure, we will evaluate all of your pet’s teeth and gums and perform Xrays to see if there are any broken or diseased teeth. We will also extract any teeth that are beyond repair and possibly stitch the gumline after tooth extractions. 

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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