Baltimore County: March 30th is Take a Walk in the Park Day

mt. carmel animal hospital take a walk in the park day

Since It’s almost Take a Walk in the Park Day, we encourage you to grab a leash and go outside with your pet!

Although walking your dog is critical to keeping your home carpet unblemished, taking a stroll with your pet provides other benefits. Since It’s almost Take a Walk in the Park Day, we encourage you to grab a leash and go outside with your pet to explore Baltimore County! Here’s what you must know regarding the benefits of walking your pooch.

Walking Enhances Your Dog’s Physical Health

Walking your dog is an easy task that positively impacts many parts of you and your pet’s overall health, including:

Weight & Body Condition

Obesity among dogs is a significant health issue, but it has a reasonable solution: just burn more calories than consumed. Regular exercise, such as walking, is a great way to burn those excess calories and eliminate the pounds for you and your pet. In honor of Take a Walk in the Park Day, start your walking journey today!

Joint Health

Another prevalent health problem among dogs is immobility. Joints must work, particularly older ones. People and pets become stiff when inactive for too long, and keeping their joints in motion enhances their function.

Digestive & Urinary Health

Regular walking also helps regulate the digestive tract. Similar to some people, some dogs prefer to pee or poo on a schedule. So, providing your pet with routine trips outdoors will prevent constipation. Also, bladder infections are more likely to occur when urine sits in the bladder for a long time. Of course, it’s vital to consult your Baltimore County veterinarian before embarking on an exercise program.

More Benefits Beyond Physical Health

There are numerous benefits to Take a Walk in the Park Day that go beyond physical health, including:

Mental Health

Dogs dislike feeling bored, so if you walk them, they might be less likely to do something destructive. Also, walking exercises their minds and bodies. For instance, watching wildlife in Baltimore County, viewing other people with their pets, and, more significantly, stimulating your dog in a way that he or she cannot receive while being in the same fenced area all the time. In addition, walking releases excess energy and aids dogs in sleeping better at night.

Emotional Health

You are the focus of your dog’s world; they always desire your attention. What better way to spend high-quality time with your dog than celebrating Take a Walk in the Park Day? In addition, walking your pup will deepen your bond and help deter attention-seeking behaviors like barking or whining.

Personal Health

Many people need external motivation to work out and might depend on an exercise buddy to get them off the couch. What better workout buddy than your dog? Your dog is only committed to you and will never cancel workout plans due to work or other commitments.

Again, regular walking provides health benefits for both you and your pooch and will help prevent obesity, which significantly impacts both species.


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