Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is Approaching!

mt. carmel animal hospital bring your cat to the vet day

In honor of National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, discuss your cat’s oral health with your veterinarian.

It’s National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day on August 22nd! Did you know regular vet check-ups are critical to a healthy and happy cat? For most cats, a vet visit is an overwhelming experience. However, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital can help you by sharing tips for a less stressful vet visit for your kitty.

Benefits of Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Here are the top reasons routine vet visits are essential for your cat to live a healthy and long life:

  • Cats age quicker than humans because they age four “cat years” every calendar year. For instance, a cat is a human at 15 during its first year and then 24 at 2. This is why yearly vet visits are imperative.
  • They are masters at hiding illness. This means your cat could develop a medical condition long before you notice anything wrong. The Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital team is trained to spot abnormalities before they advance.
  • Over 50% of cats are obese, which puts them at risk for diabetes, respiratory and kidney disease, and more.
  • Regular exams can avoid medical emergencies since veterinarians can frequently detect diseases that might impact your cat’s health before they become critical and costly to treat. Remember, preventive care matters too.
  • Remember, cats have 30 teeth, which equals a lot of dental care. Most cats with dental disease still consume without an apparent change in appetite! So, in honor of National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, discuss your cat’s oral health with your veterinarian.

Tips for a Less Stressful Vet Visit for Your Kitty

Cats are attached to their home territory, and most live a predictable routine. So, taking your cat out of its familiar home environment or driving her or him to the veterinary clinic can be stressful. Since National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is approaching soon, try out the following tips for a less stressful vet visit:

Acclimation to Carrier

Using a carrier for travel is the safest and most secure method to transport your cat to the vet. A cat being held in your arms and frightened may react by leaping out of your arms, potentially injuring you, others, or themselves in the process. The ideal carrier is solid, waterproof, and lightweight, with a significant opening to enable easy access to the cat.

For most cats, the only time they see their carrier is before heading to the vet. Fortunately, you can assist your cat in getting over the fear of a carrier by creating positive associations between the carrier and positive experiences. For instance, set it up as your cat’s sleeping quarters or private dining room.


Cats utilize pheromones to mark familiar objects, and spraying a towel or blanket inside the carrier with four squirts of Feliway®, which is a synthetic copy of the cat’s facial pheromone, might assist in creating a sense of familiarity.


Unlike dogs, few cats ride in the car for a pleasant adventure. You may teach your cat to relax in the car by taking short trips that result positively. For example, give your kitty one of their favorite toys or treats, and take a short drive that ends up back home. During the whole process, speak to your cat in a calm and reassuring voice.


If your cat’s stress is profound and has no health concerns, your vet might recommend some prescription medication before the visit. However, most sedatives might have side effects, so please speak to your veterinarian for more information.


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