New Kitten Training: Eliminating Destructive Scratching

mt. carmel animal hospital Eliminating Destructive Scratching

Let’s learn more about eliminating destructive scratching from your new kitten.

Cats love to scratch. They scratch while stretching, playing, and marking territory or as a threatening signal to other cats. Since felines’ claws need regular sharpening, they scratch on things to eliminate worn outer nails and expose sharper claws. Overall, all this scratching can damage drapes, furniture, and carpeting. Let’s learn more about eliminating destructive scratching from your new kitten.

How to Deal with Your Cat’s Scratching Habits

The best tactic for eliminating destructive scratching is not to stop your kitty from scratching. Instead, teach them where and what to scratch. An excellent method is to offer them cat-attractive surfaces and objects to scratch. Also, the following steps will help you encourage your kitty to scratch where you desire them to:

  • Provide various scratching posts with many qualities and surfaces. It can be made of carpeting, sisal, cardboard, wood, or upholstery. Some kittens prefer horizontal posts, while others favor vertical posts. Once you know your cat’s preference for scratching, offer extra posts of that type in different locations. Remember that all cats dislike unstable posts and like tall posts, so they can fully stretch!
  • Encourage your feline friend to investigate her posts by scenting them with catnip or a scratch attractant like Feliscratch and placing them in areas where they will climb on them.
  • Discourage inappropriate scratching by eliminating or covering other desirable items. For instance, turn your speakers toward the wall or place plastic tape, sandpaper, or an upside-down vinyl carpet runner on furniture on the floor where your kitten will stand to scratch your furniture.
  • Make sure to clip your cat’s nails regularly. If you are unable to trim your cat’s nails, you can make an appointment to have us trim them for you.
  • If you catch your cat inappropriately scratching, you can startle them by clapping your hands or squirting them with water.
  • Don’t hesitate to call one of our veterinarians if you need assistance eliminating destructive scratching from your cat.

What Should You Not Do?

Moreover, do not hold your kitten by the scratching post, forcing them to drag their claws on it. This approach can frighten your cat and cause them to avoid the scratching post. Your pet may also choose to avoid you too! Lastly, don’t throw away a favorite scratching post when it seems worn out. Cats appreciate shredded objects because they can insert their claws into the material. Used posts will also attract your cat because of their scent and familiarity.

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