Carroll County: Responsible Dog Ownership Month

mt. carmel animal hospital Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month by calling us at 410-343-0200 to set up an appointment for a pet wellness exam,

People often associate the month of September with football season, the start of school, and autumn. However, did you know that it’s also Responsible Dog Ownership Month? So, while planning your seasonal fun, Mount Carmel Animal Hospital wants to share some ways to celebrate your dog and practice your own responsible dog ownership.


Regular vet visits are the best way to monitor your dog’s overall health. You can stay well-informed regarding your dog’s weight, growth, and any possible health risks they may be exposed to. Also, regular vet visits help you stay updated with your pet’s vaccination schedule. For dogs, the core vaccines include Rabies and distemper (DAP). In Maryland, rabies vaccine is required for puppies, then one or every three years after that.

Other non-core canine vaccines are recommended for dogs include:

  • Lyme: Dogs can contract Lyme disease from a tick’s bite infected with a pathogen known as Borrelia burgdorferi. While this vaccine is not considered core, Lyme disease is very common in this area and strongly recommended for most dogs.
  • Bordetella & parainfluenza: These two organisms may provoke respiratory infections, such as kennel cough in dogs. Dogs at risk are those exposed to other dogs, particularly in dog parks, dog shows, or groomers.
  • Leptospirosis: This bacterial-like organism infects dogs via contact with infected urine. Again, this is not considered a core vaccine, but is recommended for any dog that spends time outside and may drink out of a lake, stream, river, or even puddles in your own yard.
  • Canine Influenza: Dogs boarding or traveling often might be at risk for canine influenza. Like the other respiratory diseases, dogs at risk are those exposed to other dogs, particularly in dog parks, dog shows, or groomers.


Determining to spay or neuter your dog is one of the most significant decisions you can make as a pet owner. An intact dog has the possibility to parent hundreds of puppies in its lifespan. Plus, you’ll be able to combat overcrowding at shelters. There are also medical benefits for your dog. Spaying or neutering can prevent specific types of cancer and extend your pet’s life.


Proper identification is one of the most critical things you can do for your dog in honor of Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Microchips are ideal for pet IDs as they are the most permanent type of pet identification. Accidents can happen, and we never know when our pet could get lost. Microchips and keeping a collar with tags can help increase the likelihood of your pet returning home tremendously. Remember to always to keep your pet’s contact information up-to-date and ensure your microchip is registered to you. If you are interested in microchipping your pet, contact us to schedule an appointment!

Dental Care

Another vital dog ownership responsibility is seeking the appropriate dog dental care. Did you know that over 80% of dogs over the age of three have some level of dental disease? Dental health can ultimately lead to other health issues if left untreated, so it is best to take care of it sooner rather than later.

So, celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Month by calling us at 410-343-0200 to set up an appointment for a pet wellness exam, and discuss your dog’s vaccinations, dental health, etc.


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