September 28th is World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day MCAH

One of the best ways to acknowledge World Rabies today is to be knowledgeable about the virus

World Rabies Day is approaching. This global health observation started in 2007. Each year on September 28th, international health organizations such as the USDA, WHO, and the CDC make efforts to enhance prevention and increase awareness, and so can you as a pet parent. Rabies is entirely preventable, and yet, tens of thousands of people all over the world pass away from this disease each year, according to the CDC. Human deaths transmitted by dog-transmitted rabies happens far too often, and health organizations have vowed to eliminate these deaths by 2030. So, how can you help prevent and treat rabies? Today, we’re going to cover that as well as how rabies is transmitted. 


Direct contact with saliva or brain and nervous system tissue with an infected animal is how rabies transmits. If an infected dog bites through the skin, rabies transmission can occur. People usually develop rabies when a rabid dog bites them. Besides bites and scratches, other modes of transmission such as through contact with the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose, and mouth, are rare. 


Rabies is fatal and attacks the central nervous system and causes fits, paralysis, and ultimately death. Here is how you can aid in prevention: 

  • Vaccinate Your Pets
  • Don’t Allow Your Pets to Roam Around Outdoors Unsupervised
  • Keep Your Pets Away From Stray Animals
  • Refrain From Keeping Wild Animals As Pets


Unfortunately, once a rabies infection has entered the body, there is no effective treatment. According to Mayo Clinic, a small number of people have survived, but this is rare. For this reason, vaccinations and supervising your fur babies are incredibly vital. If you believe that you’ve had rabies exposure, you need a series of shots to stop the infection from taking over. Here is what rabies shots include:

  1. Rabies Immune Globine: A shot that works quickly (so long as you take it as soon as possible after the bite occurred) to prevent the virus from spreading. Part of this injection will take place near the location of the bite.
  2. Four Injections Over 14 days: This series of rabies vaccinations will help your body fight and identify the virus and the injection site is in the arm. 

One More Fact to Know About World Rabies Day

September 28th is a date that holds significance because it marks the anniversary of the passing of Louis Pasteur. He was a French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist known for developing the first rabies vaccine and pioneered the foundation for rabies prevention. Make sure to spread the news of World Rabies Day on social media, talk about it among other pet parent community members, and stay safe.

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