Ear Infections

Ear infections are an issue that have to be some of the most irritating for both dogs and their owners!Ear infections tend to be painful and irritating to a dog’s ear, but their constant itching and scratching from the infection is the hallmark sign for owners who are kept up all night.Ear infections in dogs are relatively common, with a yeast infection being the most common type of infection.Yeast infections typically are caused by a type of fungus called Malassezia, which can be found normally in the ears and on the skin of a dog.When an ear becomes inflamed, it becomes a perfect environment for the yeast to begin to overpopulate, producing a dark, moist, greasy (and smelly!) discharge.The ear canal becomes inflamed, thickened, and red as a result.

Ear infections are a problem that does need to be rectified by a trip to the vet.While yeast is the most common type of ear infection, bacterial infections are also a possibility.An ear swab taken at the hospital and read under the microscope can determine if the infection is of yeast or bacterial origin, and an appropriate medication dispensed to treat the infection.

Ear infection medications come in a variety of types (drops, ointment, leave-in ointment, for example).The type of medication chosen is based off of what type of infection it is, if any medications have been used recently (that could lead to resistance), and what is the best choice is for each individual pet.Ear cleanings to remove the debris and source of infection also are an important part of treatment.

If you are concerned your pet may have an ear infection, please do not hesitate to give us a call.We want everyone in the house (human and animal alike) to be happy, healthy, and sleeping through the night with no shaking and scratching!

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