Red Eye

A common problem noticed by pet owners is a “red eye.”Red or bloodshot eyes in dogs and cats can be due to a variety of reasons, including foreign material caught in the eye, an infection, an increase in eye pressure (glaucoma), or most commonly, an eye ulcer or scratch.Damage to the cornea of a pet is a common occurrence, as it can be caused by accidental self-trauma, contact with thorns or bushes outside, or play with another animal.

The most common test performed when a corneal scratch is suspected is an eye stain with fluorescein stain.This is a dye that is put in the eye, and when there is a defect on the cornea, the stain “sticks” in it and washes away in the rest of the eye.The stain will then show up under a fluorescent light, indicating where and how deep the damage is.

The mainstay of treatment for corneal damage is an antibiotic drop.Damaged corneas are at an increased risk for developing an infection (or may already have an infection at the time of diagnosis), so a topical antibiotic is needed to help treat or prevent this.

To help aid in the healing process, Remend Corneal Repair Gel also may be used in the treatment of corneal damage.This is a product that uses cross-linked, modified hyaluronic acid to help support the natural healing process of the cornea.As the antibiotic drop may sting slightly at administration, the added benefit of the repair gel is that it is soothing to the eye, making it less likely that the patient will attempt to rub at the eye, making the damage worse.

If you notice your pet has a red eye issue, please give us a call here at Mt. Carmel so it can be quickly and efficiently treated to ensure your pet gets back to normal!

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