How to Keep Pets Safe During Labor Day Festivities

Labor Day Pet Safety Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

If you’re a pet owner, it’s best to be aware of how specific Labor Day activities can affect your pet(s)

Labor Day is a much-needed day to relax at home or enjoy delicious BBQ. However you spend Labor Day, it’s your time to enjoy a break from work. With that in mind, if you’re a pet owner, it’s best to be aware of how specific Labor Day activities can affect your pet(s). For example, some dogs experience noise aversion, and they shouldn’t be around large crowds. Here is how you can keep your pets safe during the Labor Day festivities. 

Labor Day and BBQ Safety 

A celebration isn’t complete without a spread of mouth-watering food. As you already know, food laid out on the dining room table or a picnic table intrigues pets. It’s best to ensure that you keep bones and corn cobs from your pets because it could result in choking or gastrointestinal problems. 


It’s also best to keep your pets far away from the grill or meat grease to ensure they don’t suffer from burns. You should also note that onions, grapes, and garlic are toxic to your canine companion. We also advise against feeding your pet(s) greasy scraps from the table, such as hamburgers, because they can cause pancreatitis. 

Heat Safety

If you plan to spend time with your doggo outdoors, make sure they have a lot of shade and water. Pets can dehydrate quickly and are more susceptible to intense UV Rays. For that reason, shelter should always be near for a pet’s body temperature to regulate after being in the sun. In addition, we will always stress the importance of never leaving a pet inside a car. 

Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Other Dogs 

Keep your dog on a leash. Before bringing your dog around other dogs and people, you should know that your dog has excellent recall. In other words, if you call them, you want to feel fully confident that they will return to you, particularly if you drop the leash or if they get away from you. You’ll know that your canine companion is anxious if they:

  • Lick Their Lips or Yawn
  • Have Their Ears Backward or Flattened on Their Heads
  • Turn Their Face Away
  • Try to Move Away
  • Exhibit a Low or Tucked Tail
  • Seem Tense in General 

You should also note if your dog seems aggressive and the signs include:

  • Growling
  • Snarling 
  • Snapping
  • Baring Teeth
  • Lunging

If your dog displays aggressive or anxious behavior, refrain from punishing them. It’s how your dog shows discomfort. If you notice an aggressive dog in the crowd, we recommend that you keep your dog away. If your dog does end up in a physical altercation, keep yourself safe by not trying to separate the two. Instead, distracting your dog by calling your dog’s name, making a loud and abrupt noise such as clapping your hands, throwing water, or even a blanket or towel over the dog can help. Refrain from shouting at the other dog or making eye contact. 

Tips About Having Your Dog Around Other People 

  1. Dogs will be receptive to strangers throwing treats now and then.
  2. Give your dog a command while strangers are around if they look startled to ensure they have your attention and protection even while others are around. If your dog is too anxious, find a safe, quiet space.
  3. Respect those who might have a fear of dogs. 

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