How to Honor Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Did you know that it’s also Responsible Dog Ownership Month

September is a time that people look forward to because of Labor Day festivities. However, did you know that it’s also Responsible Dog Ownership Month? Today’s topic of discussion will be the many ways that pet owners can acknowledge Responsible Dog Ownership Month. When you buy or adopt a canine companion, there are numerous benefits to gain. Pets make the world a better place. However, pets come with many responsibilities that you shouldn’t take lightly. Here is what you should know about being a responsible dog owner. 

Honor Responsible Dog Ownership Month with Wellness Care 

Wellness care includes ensuring that your precious pup has routine exams every year. You also want to take preventative measures year-round, such as looking out for fleas and ticks, and seeking treatment immediately if you suspect that your doggo has had exposure to parasites. Your pet should also have their core vaccinations, including:

  1. DHPP vaccination: prevents canine distemper, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. Dogs receive this when they are 8, 12, and 16 weeks and then a year later. Then, they take the DHPP vaccination every one to three years after this. 
  2. Lyme Disease: This disease is endemic to Maryland and Pennsylvania and causes dogs to have severe health problems such as kidney failure. Your canine companion will take a two-shot series and then get vaccinated for Lyme Disease every year after that. 
  3. Rabies: Rabies is fatal and can spread from animals to people. Maryland and Pennsylvania law requires that every dog have a rabies shot at three months old. Another vaccination will happen a year later and then every one to three years after that. 

Caring About Dental Care is Another Way to Be a Responsible Dog Owner 

People often overlook dental healthcare. The body is an interconnected system, meaning that if one part of the body isn’t in optimal condition, it has a domino effect. We can provide pet toothbrushes for your dog. Also, a child-sized toothbrush is suitable as well. 

We highly recommend Clenz-A-Dent Dental products to help with plaque reduction, tartar buildup, and bad breath. Purina’s veterinary dental diet called Purina DH is also something you can add to your dog’s current diet to break up plaque. We’d also like to remind you that dental cleanings are 10% off when you schedule them within 30 days of a DVM recommendation. 

Keep Your Canine Companion Safe with Microchipping! 

If you’ve yet to microchip your dog, you should consider it. Unfortunately, many families end up discovering that their pet is missing. The quick and virtually painless microchipping process involves a tiny (as small as a grain of rice) microchip going under your pet’s skin. It’s your pet’s permanent ID that isn’t removable and cannot be lost. It increases the chances of you finding your dog again should they go missing. 

These are a few of many ways to honor Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Don’t forget to share amazing photos of your adorable doggo and tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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