How to Keep Your Pets Safe on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving with these tips

Thanksgiving is a joyous time! Millions of people can enjoy hearty food and take time away from work. With Thanksgiving being such a pleasant time, you may wonder how safety is a factor. However, certain Thanksgiving traditions are a danger to pets. Here is how to keep your pet safe on Thanksgiving. 

Keep Desserts and Bread Dough Far Out of Your Pet’s Reach on Thanksgiving

This holiday is all about food! But that doesn’t mean your pet should eat the same things we do. Keep bread dough away from your canine companion or feline friend—the yeast found in raw bread dough converts into carbon dioxide and alcohol, which are life-threatening combinations. 

As you’re baking your cakes and pies, keep your pets away from the mixing bowl. Raw eggs can lead to food poisoning, and artificial sweeteners can be fatal if your pets consume it. Chocolates are a holiday staple and look fantastic on a coffee table but can be harmful to cats and dogs because they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, high blood pressure, seizures, and various other symptoms. 

“But what about the turkey?” you may be thinking. A few small boneless, skinless pieces won’t harm your pets. However, you never want to offer your fur babies raw or undercooked turkey. You don’t want to run the risk of them having exposure to Salmonella. Keep all bones and leftover carcasses away from your pets as well. Dogs and cats don’t process fatty foods well, and even the smallest piece of a bone can lead to gastrointestinal injury. 

Are Decorations Dangerous? 

Yes and no. Pumpkins and decorative corn aren’t necessarily harmful. However, ingesting them too much could cause your fur baby to have an upset tummy. Corn cobs can also cause an intestinal blockage. We also advise you to place candles where you know your feline friend or canine companion won’t knock them over. You should also be aware of the smaller decorations that may cause your pet to choke. 

If you and your family like using the long Thanksgiving weekend to start decorating for Christmas, keep glass ornaments, especially ones with metal hooks, out of paw’s reach along with tinsel, pinecones, and light strands.

Pets and Anxiety

We recommend not having a full house this year, which, in turn, may benefit your pet. Maryland is experiencing at least 1,000 COVID-19 cases a day now. Plus, some pets experience anxiety when there are many people around, especially if they haven’t met them before. If your pets ever seem anxious or jittery during the holidays, keep them in a quiet room with plenty of water and their favorite toy. If your pet experiences food poisoning, call ASPCA at (888) 426-4435. 

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