Anxiety in Dogs and Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Anxiety in Dogs Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

Anxiety in dogs usually stems from separation

Today, we’d like to discuss anxiety in dogs and inappropriate urination in cats. During this pandemic, millions and millions of people have stayed home to protect themselves from COVID-19. Many people have been getting new pets to cope with isolation or merely because pets are adorable, great companions, and fantastic additions to families! People having new puppies in their homes is phenomenal! However, puppies acquired during this pandemic are at a higher risk of facing anxiety issues. Why? Because fur babies are used to their parents being home all of the time. As environments change, so does the behavior of pets. Here is some information about what causes anxiety in dogs and inappropriate urination in cats. 

Anxiety in Dogs 

Anxiety in dogs stems from being left alone, moving to a new home, or another pet no longer being present in the house. Pay attention to these symptoms: 

  • Urination/Defecation
  • Barking/Howling
  • Chewing/Destroying Items
  • Pacing
  • Your Pet Preventing You From Leaving
  • Hiding
  • Not Eating
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Twitching Tails/Ears
  • Aggression
  • Panting

As far as treatment goes, do not punish your dog. Your fur baby isn’t trying to spite or disobey you. Separation anxiety is a disorder. We also highly recommend that you adjust your dog to your absence and help them understand that you leaving (temporarily) is normal and a part of life. One way to help dogs (and people) cope with anxiety is exposure therapy. You can take your keys, jogging shoes, or whatever you take with you when you leave, leave home for a little while, and then return. What this does is normalize the fact that you won’t always be home. 

Try not making leaving a big deal because pets pick up on your emotions. While you’re gone, leave behind a special treat for them while they are alone. You can also create a positive and safe environment by including pheromone treatments such as Adaptil.

Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Medical issues usually cause inappropriate urination in cats (a cat urinating or defecting other than their litter box). Cats could also dislike their litterbox based on the type of litter that’s in it based on several reasons, including a stressful event or merely because they find this type of litter objectionable, especially if there is new litter. Some inappropriate urination triggers include changes in your cat’s environment, such as your cat moving to a new house, a new person in the house(or absence of), and a new pet in the house (or absence of), and many other triggers. Aversion and attraction therapy is behavior modification treatments where it makes the designated urination area more appealing and the undesirable area less appealing. 

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