How to Prepare for Your Puppy’s First Veterinarian Hospital Visit

How to Prepare for Your Puppy’s First Veterinarian Hospital Visit

Owning a pet means that regularly scheduled visits to the veterinarian hospital are essential

Owning a pet has many benefits geared towards well-being. Studies have linked owning a pet to helping with depression and loneliness. If you’ve finally decided to become a pet parent, then congratulations! You can look forward to years of happiness and companionship. You can also look forward to keeping your precious puppy healthy by routinely taking them to the veterinarian. If you’re a first-time pet parent, then you’ll find these tips useful. Here’s how to prepare for your puppy’s first visit to the veterinarian hospital.

What to do Before the First Visit

If you’re not within walking distance to a local veterinarian hospital, then you should make sure that your puppy becomes accustomed to traveling in a car. To be safe, we suggest that you put your dog in a crate to keep them from moving around as you drive. You can also use an approved canine harness restraint, which acts as a seat belt. Before coming to a veterinary hospital, you should take a few short car rides with your pup to see how they adjust to being in a moving vehicle.

How to Make the First Visit a Comfortable Experience

What may be helpful is if the first visit isn’t clinical. Acclimating your puppy (and yourself) to a new environment could help to make the medical appointment more of a comfortable experience when it comes along. You can also call in to see when the clinic is the least busy so that your new canine companion doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the multitude of cats and other dogs that they see.

During the first nonclinical visit, we’ll be more than happy to give you and your puppy a warm welcome, give you a tour, and give you a head start before the first medical visit. If you have medical records that detail previous immunizations, de-worming, heartworm prevention, or any other medical records, you should bring them along.

How to Prepare for the First Medical Visit

Typical questions that veterinarians ask will be about your dog’s appetite, the brand of dog food they eat, how often they eat, and the quantity of food they eat. You should be precise. One scoop could be 10 cups or one, so pay attention when you’re feeding your puppy. Your veterinarian will also need a stool sample.

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