Here are 4 Ways You Can Protect Pets this Winter

Even pets with a thick coat need winter protection

Winter is a season that brings about changes, some that you can look forward to, and others, not so much. For one, you can enjoy the holiday season. However, due to colder weather, it’s pertinent to stay protected during the winter. Winter protection is necessary for both people and pets. If you’re a pet parent or an animal lover in general, here are four ways that you can protect pets this winter. 

Shelter Your Pets

Although your furry friends may have a protective layer that people don’t have, it’s not the best idea to leave pets outside all day. Of course, you should still take them outside to get exercise, but pets still suffer from bitter weather just like people do. Therefore, an extended period outdoors can cause hypothermia or frostbite, even for pets with a thick coat. It will benefit your pet if you keep them in the warm, cozy house.

Dress Your Pet Warmly and Wipe Down Their Paws

Winter is synonymous with warm sweaters. Help your pet bundle up, especially short-haired friends, in a sweater when you take them for a walk. Another tip we suggest is wiping down your pet’s paws because salt and other chemicals used for melting snow are irritants. We suggest using a damp towel to wipe your pet’s feet, preferably before they lick them.

Remove Any Poisonous Chemicals

Store any chemicals used to melt ice in a safe place and out of reach of pets. Another danger to animals is antifreeze or coolant. Antifreeze or coolant are chemicals that keep a car engine from freezing and safe from corrosion. Make sure to clean up any spills and keep it out of reach just as you would with rock salt. 

Speak Up

If you notice that a neighbor always keeps their pets outside, you may want to politely tell them about the dangers of how winter weather affects pets. If you notice a stray cat or dog in your neighborhood, then check for tags to see if they belong to anyone. If there aren’t any, then take the pet to a local animal shelter right away. In the case that the stray animal is aggressive, don’t put yourself at risk. Call local authorities. 

If you have yet to invest in microchipping, then it’s indeed one of the best decisions that you can make as a pet parent. Click here for more details about microchipping.

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