Canine Life Skills Training

If your dog isn’t listening to you, then we suggest that you sign up for our canine life skills training courses and follow these tips.

We offer canine life skills training. We have dog training classes that cater to your dog regardless of where they are. From beginner to intermediate, from puppies to older dogs, we have a course that speaks to all skill levels. We know that it can be a cause of frustration when your dog doesn’t listen to you, especially when strangers or other dogs are present, but establishing a trusting and respectful relationship between you and your dog is indeed possible. If your dog isn’t listening to you, then we suggest that you sign up for our canine life skills training courses and follow these tips.

Take Away Any Excess Energy

Trying to communicate with an overly hyper canine companion can be challenging. If you have small children with a lot of energy, then you compare this to communicating with your dog. Before attempting to teach your dog commands, you may want to let them run around in the yard for a bit to take away some of their energy. You also want to remove any noise distractions and train them alone without other people around. The point is to get them to focus. Of course, you want your dog to listen to you regardless of what’s going on around them. However, minimal distractions may be ideal for the first attempts.

Practice Consistency

Mixed messages can be confusing to a dog, or anyone, for that matter. If your dog receives different signals about their behavior, then they won’t know what you expect from them. You and your family should all enforce the same rules. Sit down with your family and set expectations, limits, and boundaries for your dog.

Practice Certainty

We suggest that when you command your dog to do something, you sound confident and unwavering. Without confidence and certainty, then there’s a chance that your dog may tune you out, and sometimes you can be unaware of the energy you exude. Have a friend or family member observe you as you train your dog to see if you and your voice seems confident without any doubtfulness.

Some Quick Facts About Our Dog Training Courses

  • Six one-hour sessions
  • Emphasis on developing trust between the dog and their handler
  • You can bring one other person to the course (we suggest someone who will work on training the dog as well)
  • We offer individual, one-on-one sessions as well

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family and Help with Dog Training

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