Is Microchipping Benefical?

Microchipping gives you the ability to find your pet if they should ever become lost.

Pets can be curious creatures. Some cats and dogs tend to run off. If you regularly deal with this dilemma, then microchipping might be an ideal solution for you. Microchipping gives you the ability to find your pet if they should ever become lost. Microchipping involves having a tiny electronic chip (no bigger than a grain of rice!)  implanted underneath your pet’s skin. The procedure is entirely safe, and most pets won’t even notice that the chip is there or feel any pain. The HomeAgain chip is there for the entirety of your furry friend’s life, meaning that it isn’t removable. Also, you’ll always be able to read the chip. If you’re curious about some more advantages of this procedure, then keep reading!

Microchipping in More Detail

Before going over more advantages, it is critical to understand the full process. Special scanners read microchips, and then, these numbers are looked up in a database. Each pet has a unique, permanent i.d. that will identify them due to a low radio frequency emission. Typically, the microchip goes in between the shoulder blade and only takes a minute or two. No anesthesia is necessary.

The Advantages

1) Increase the Chance of Reuniting with Your Pet

Using the microchipping procedure, over 2 million pet owners have reunited with their pets. Lost dogs without a microchip end up in shelters and have a low chance of reuniting with their owners. These electronic chips have the capability of being read by animal care organizations. There are even 50,000 scanners worldwide! Once they obtain your contact information, you’ll be one step closer to your companion again.

2) Protect Against Theft

Pets improve our lives in so many ways. It’s no surprise that many people want a pet to call their own. Some people even go as far as to steal pets! Some also take things a step further and sell pets. If this happens to you, a microchip will bring your precious pet back home. Because these chips are hard to tamper with, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your dog or cat will reunite again.

3) Your Furry Friend Will Have Freedom

When a pet can roam around, they’re much happier. For the pets who don’t know how to find their way home instinctively, then you don’t have to stress over never seeing them again. They can have the freedom and agency that they need while you can rest assured.

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