Does My Pet Have Heart Disease?

Being the owner of a pet means that you want your furry friend to be in the best shape.

Being the owner of a pet means that you want your furry friend to be in the best shape. The potential of your pet having heart disease is a tough pill to swallow, but you must understand the signs to save your pet’s life. Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, we perform diagnostics and testing. These procedures include an echocardiogram, radiography, a blood pressure evaluation, and EKG monitoring tests. Some heart abnormalities affect aging pets, but it’s also crucial to note that some pets are born with heart defects. If you are unaware of the signs of heart disease, keep reading. We’re going to share some symptoms with you today.

Consistent Coughing

If you’ve noticed that your pet has a cough that won’t go away, you want to bring them into us. A constant cough happens for several reasons. One of them being that fluid builds up in the lungs because it is not pumping as it should. When this happens, it leads to an accumulation of blood in the lungs. The fluid then leaks out of blood vessels and builds up in the lung tissue, resulting in a cough that doesn’t stop. Some heart diseases result in an enlarged heart which presses down on airways and causes coughing to occur.


When the heart starts to fail, vital organs lose nutrients such as oxygen. If blood flow in the brain decreases, then it could lead to your pet collapsing or fainting. Coughing can trigger an episode as well as exercise.

Heavy Breathing

Rapid, heavy breathing is indeed a sign. Some cats and dogs even have trouble lying down, so they tend to sit or stand for a long time.

The Inability to Exercise

If you notice that your companion is no longer able to move or exercise the way they did before, bring them in to see a vet. Pets with heart disease tend to become tired on long walks and need naps more often.

Moody Behavior

Battling heart disease is quite a vice. So, if you notice that your cat or dog is eating less, isolates themselves, or no longer enjoy specific activities, it’s best to get them checked out. Pets, just like people have emotions, so it’s easy to pick up on when they’re not acting like themselves.

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