January is Also Train Your Dog Month

Train Your Dog Month Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

By “Train Your Dog Month”, this isn’t what we mean

January is both Walk Your Pet Month and Train Your Dog Month. January is all about being the best pet parent you can as you continue to bring in the new year. Owning a pet has so many benefits, and today we’re going to go over some essential puppy training tips. 

House Training

The rule to housetraining your puppy is keeping them on a consistent schedule. You should keep your pup’s feeding schedule at the same time each day and take them out of the house frequently. By frequently, we mean at least when your canine dog first wakes up, before they go to bed, after naps, and after playtime. It’s also helpful to be patient. Like people, Puppies take time to learn to control their bladders, so you should never punish your canine companion for not learning right away. 

Crate Training

As far as crate training, you never want to buy an oversized crate or your puppy may mistake it for a place where they can “take care of their business”. Crate training is helpful because dogs are brilliant and recognize that a crate is like their den, so the puppy’s instinct is not to soil it. Another tip is to place your pup’s den close to a cozy part of the home where you or your family frequent, so your pup doesn’t feel separated. We also strongly advise against keeping a puppy in their crate longer than they can hold their bladder or crate train a dog that has a history of eliminating in crates. Also, refrain from crate training if your pup has medical issues that make it harder for them to control their bladder or bowels, such as a urinary tract infection or diarrhea. 


The goal here is to encourage gentle play and refrain from scolding your dog. If you see your inquisitive pal chewing on something inappropriate (e.g., your shoes), merely redirect them to chew on something appropriate such as a chew toy or a bone. When your puppy does a great job, tell them so, or give them treats. Positive reinforcement helps to build your puppy’s, or anyone’s, confidence. 

Fun Ways to Celebrate Train Your Dog Month

Of course, you can celebrate this month by training your puppy. However, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks or expand your training. You can instruct your dog to high-five, give doggy kisses on demand, play soccer, and even sing! Once again, dogs are brilliant. If your training is going exceptionally well and you catch some cute moments, make sure to share some videos on social media and use the hashtag #TrainYourDogMonth. 

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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