January is National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month MCAH

January is National Blood Donor Month, Here is Dr. Valerie Latchford, who is the DVM phlebotomist, and Chris Oldt, the senior donor care handler at Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

January is National Blood Donor Month. Both people and pets sometimes need life-saving blood transfusions. Animal blood banks store emergency blood for pets. You may be wondering about the source of the supply. Many times, it comes from superhero pets like yours that donate blood and plasma to save lives. Today we’re going to discuss blood donation in animals and talk about Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

The Requirements for Your Cat or Dog to Be a Blood Donor

If you’d like your pet to be a blood donor, they will require thorough health and blood tests to check for any diseases. Like with people, the blood test will determine your pet’s blood type because animal transfusions also require the correct blood type. For your pet to donate blood, they can’t be taking specific medications. Your pet’s age, size, and temperament can also be a factor. Calm pets are ideal during the donation procedure, and the professionals at Blue Ridge will never force or sedate a dog to give a blood donation. They take about 30 minutes or so to assess your pet’s comfortability level. 

How the Procedure Works

The blood, in most cases, is drawn from the jugular vein at the neck. This spot is cleaned and shaved before needle insertion. The procedure takes only about 30 minutes. During this time, your stellar and superhero pet will receive a lot of praise, love, and treats! Pets recover quickly and can go on with their days as usual. 

More About Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank

Congrats! You’ve decided to honor National Blood Donor Month by volunteering your canine companion to be a blood donor. Now what? You can contact Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank at 540-507-2940. Since 1993, they’ve helped to save lives and have 15 convenient locations in Maryland and Virginia. They even come right to Mount Carmel Animal Hospital to collect donations, so you won’t have to travel far! Here are some of their donor requirements:

  • Your pet must be over 40 pounds
  • Your pet must be 1-7 years old.
  • Pets have to be up-to-date on DHPP vaccinations, preventative schedules, and monthly flea/tick/heartworm prevention and cannot be on any long-term medications
  • Your pet must be people-friendly

Is your pet a blood donor? What a difference they are creating in the world!

Here at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital, We’ll Treat Your Pets Like Family!

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