National Rescue Dog Day: Adopting a New Fur Baby

National Rescue Dog Day: Adopting a New Fur Baby

National Rescue Dog Day brings awareness to the benefits of adopting a dog and giving them a permanent home.

National Rescue Dog Day is this Friday, May 20th. It’s an annually celebrated event that brings awareness to the benefits of adopting a dog, especially the many amazing rescue dogs around the country that have overcome various obstacles and are in need of a permanent home. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips to make becoming a pet owner an easier transition for you and your new fur baby.

Tips on Adopting a Dog

When you adopt a dog, you want to be sure that you’ve thoroughly done your research and have prepared yourself for a major adjustment in your lifestyle. Listed below are some helpful tips to consider when adopting a dog:

Lifestyle Accommodations

Adopting a dog is a significant decision linked to major responsibilities, so choosing one that best fits your lifestyle and environment is essential. For instance, if you’re constantly traveling or working long hours, a puppy may not be the best option considering that they require a lot of care, attention, and training. Another example is if you live in a small space or an area that isn’t pet friendly, a large dog probably isn’t an ideal option. Choosing the right dog fit for your lifestyle is key in ensuring that you and your fur baby live a happy, healthy, and safe life.

Family Concerns

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to consider the family members who occupy your home, including young children, family members with allergies, and much more. You want to make sure that the dynamic of family members within your home is fit for a dog and that everyone in the household is on the same accord and ready for all the fun, responsibility, and expenses accompanying having a fur baby.


Adopting a dog can be a very stimulating and fulfilling experience. However, sometimes it can become overwhelming, so preparation is key during the dog adoption process. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare for the arrival of your new fur baby:

  • Prepare your home. Make sure nothing dangerous such as rodenticides, toxic plants, or medications is accessible. Pick up anything that could pose a choking hazard, like small articles of clothing or children’s toys.
  • Gather the necessary supplies to ensure your dog has everything it needs (food, collar, leash, bed, cage, grooming supplies, toys, treats, water bowl, etc.)
  • Have a safe space for them to relax and adjust to their new surroundings
  • Show them around the house.
  • Introduce them to the family
  • Allow time to bond with them.
  • Slowly switch out their dog food.
  • Start training right away.
  • Schedule an exam with one of our veterinarians


Patience is key when adopting a pet. It may take time to find the dog you like that fits you and your home, and once you find that dog, it’ll take time for them to adjust to the new surroundings, people, schedule, and routine outside of the shelter. Practicing patience and consistency is the best way to ensure a long, happy, and healthy relationship with your new fur baby.

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