Is Owning a Cat or Dog Better for Me?

A cat or a dog: which one will you choose?

 Cats and dogs can live together harmoniously. However, it does take some work and careful consideration. If you do choose to have a cat and dog in your home, you have to pick the right breed. Some breeds that can get along with cats include Basset Hounds, Beagles, Labrador, and Golden Retrievers, and Bulldogs. If you don’t want to go out of your way to pick the right breed, but you love both dogs and cats, then we’re here to help. We’re here to help you answer the age-old question: “Is Owning a Cat or Dog Better for Me?”. Keep reading! 

What’s the Difference Between Cats and Dogs?

Dogs, by nature, have a pack mentality. Domestic dogs naturally look for someone to lead them because out in the wild, they’re used to an Alpha dog leading the pack. Dogs are sociable, friendly, can adapt well to being taken in by a family or an individual pet owner. Dogs are loyal and go wherever their pack or family goes. They’re open to traveling, moving, and don’t like to be left alone for a long time. They need attention.

Cats, on the other hand, are lone hunters. Cats don’t need to work together to take care of themselves. Domestic cats are more independent than domestic dogs. They like to sleep during the day and roam around at night, due to their nocturnal hunter instincts. Cats tend to deal better when being left alone, but some breeds are different. Some are more genial than others. If your cat doesn’t seem friendly at first, don’t get discouraged. They take time to warm up to their owner, but once they do, you’ll enjoy your feline friend curling up to you. Something else to note is that cats do live longer than dogs. 

What’s the Difference in Training?

Training a dog is simpler. Once again, dogs have a pack mentality, meaning that they want someone to lead them. However, not all breeds are the same. Some have a more easygoing temperament than others. Therefore, there are always nuances to dog training. Training a cat, on the other hand, takes a lot of consistency and patience. The good thing is that training a cat to use their litter box is straightforward. Sometimes, you only have to show them once.  

So, How Do I Choose?

If you have a small apartment, owning a cat is better. Dogs need backyard space. If you’re more introverted, a cat may be better for you. If you need constant companionship, a dog is also the better option. Still, remember to look up a specific breed because generalizing doesn’t give you a full picture. 

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