Pet Dental Health Month and At-Home Dental Care

pet dental health

Dental health tremendously affects other health aspects, which is why you should never neglect it.

We’ve been spreading awareness about Pet Dental Health Month all February, and stressing the importance of bringing your pet into us. However, pet dental care should happen at home, as well. There are a lot of things that pet parents can do to support their pet’s dental health. Consistently brushing your pet’s teeth is one of the most effective dental care techniques that you can implement. Beginning this habit during the early stages of a pet’s life will put your precious pup or cute kitten on the right path. Dental health tremendously affects other health aspects, which is why you should never neglect it. Not only is teeth brushing essential, but today we’ll offer other golden tidbits of advice about at-home dental care. 

Teeth Brushing Tips

Pet toothbrushes exist, and we provide them for you! In the case that you don’t have a pet toothbrush, a child-sized toothbrush works as well. You will need toothpaste made for pets. Pet toothpaste does come in flavors and varieties that your canine companion or feline friend will enjoy. Human toothpaste is dangerous for pets because of its cleaning agents. If a pet were to swallow human toothpaste, then this could indeed compromise your pet’s health. Here are a few other tips that we suggest:

  • Lift your pet’s lip for a deep clean (it exposes the gums which is where a lot of dental diseases take place)
  • Brush with gentle motions
  • Reach the back upper molars and canines 
  • If your pet smoothly gets through the teeth brushing process, reward them

Clenz-A-Dent Dental Products

We highly recommend Clenz-A-Dent products for at-home dental care. Clenz-A-Dent products are efficient when it comes to plaque reduction and come in multiple options from yummy chews to food and water additives or an oral rinse. These dental products also help with bad breath and don’t contain xylitol, which is a chemical that is dangerous for pets. Specifically, Clenz-A-Dent’s Water Additive/Mouthwash breaks down biofilm, a bacteria that causes plaque and eventually tartar buildup. As a water additive, you can add it to your pet’s water for daily drinking. As a mouthwash, there is a nozzle that you can attach and spray directly onto your pet’s tooth and gums. 

Purina Dental Diet

We recommend Purina if you want your pet’s diet to be at its best. Purina’s veterinary dental diet, called Purina DH, can be added to your pet’s current diet or used as treats. Purina DH is approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to control tartar build-up and its patented kibble texture helps break up plaque when your pet chews. What’s even better is that your pet will genuinely like the taste of the pet food. We also work with Purina to obtain and maintain a healthy weight for your pet. We create a comprehensive plan that can help your pet achieve a healthy weight so that they can live longer. 

For more at-home dental care tips, please schedule an appointment with us! Also, don’t forget that dental cleanings are 10% off when you schedule them within 30 days of a DVM recommendation. 

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