Southern York County: It’s Train Your Dog Month

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In honor of Train Your Dog Month this January, let’s start the new year by sharing the benefits of training your dog.

Did you know that most dogs are sent to animal shelters due to behavior and training problems? In honor of Train Your Dog Month this January, let’s start the new year by sharing the benefits of training your dog.

Benefits of Training Your Dog

Dogs are primarily self-sufficient in the wild and know how to survive. However, you must teach your dog how to live in your house! These fur babies communicate differently than we do, and their normal behaviors counter our own. Training also provides your pup with the necessary mental stimulation, which helps them to be happy. Reward-based and dog-friendly training methods are ideal because your pet is set up to succeed. Let’s explore the various benefits of Train Your Dog Month.

Avoid Behavioral Problems

Having a dog is incredibly rewarding but can be frustrating without proper training. Training your dog will help ensure that they don’t pick up any bad habits you don’t like. You can work with your dog to deter them from chewing on things they shouldn’t, jumping on people, going to the bathroom where they shouldn’t, and guarding their food or toys. Remember that positive reinforcement is the best way for puppies and even older dogs to learn. Reward the good behavior and redirect your pup when they are doing something you don’t want.

Build a Stronger Bond

Dogs are a human’s best friend. Teaching your furry best friend new tricks will mentally enrich them and deepen your connection. With positive training, you are spending quality time with your canine companion, which builds a relationship based on trust. This helps reinforce positive associations between you and your dog. They will master new commands and be rewarded with your treats and praises. Hence, building their confidence in themselves and you!

Stimulate Your Dog’s Brain

Mental stimulation is essential for your dog’s health and happiness. Plus, boredom can trigger behavioral problems and make dogs feel anxious. However, you can keep your fur baby occupied while you’re at work or running errands. What’s better than being a pet owner to a cuddly furbaby who can clean up after themselves? You can efficiently train your pet to pick up after themselves with positive reinforcement clicker training.

Reduce Anxiety in Your Dog

Just like us, dogs experience anxiety. And just like us, if dogs are left to sit around all day without much mental stimulation, this can cause stress. If left untreated, dog anxiety can cause behavioral issues and even aggression. Regular training can help prevent anxiety by stimulating your dog mentally in general. You can also use specific training techniques to help reduce your dog’s anxiety if they are already experiencing it. One technique is redirection. When your dog is showing anxious behavior, you can redirect its attention to something they love, like a high-value treat or favorite toy. This way, their anxiety triggers are associated with positive experiences instead of negative ones.

Another technique is desensitization. You can gradually introduce your dog to the source of their anxiety, increasing the exposure over time. This involves positive reinforcement throughout the process. As a result, repeated exposure and rewarding positive behavior can help you manage your dog’s anxiety.

If you have any questions about training your four-legged friend, don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of our amazing veterinarians at Mount Carmel Animal Hospital!


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