Deciphering Cats’ Many Moods

Cats are low-maintenance, help to lower your risk of heart disease, and they cure loneliness.

Cats, unlike dogs, are notorious for having many moods or seeming antisocial, but there are many benefits behind owning a pet cat. Cats are low-maintenance, help to lower your risk of heart disease, and they cure loneliness. If you’re unsure of how to interpret your cat’s feelings, then keep reading! Today we’re going to share how to decipher cats’ many moods.

Deciphering Scaredness

When your feline friend is scared, they will crouch down with their ears back. They will try to appear very small. They’ll also hiss and growl along with not partaking in their normal activities such as eating or using their litter box.

Deciphering Happiness

Happy cats appear calm. Their tails raise and curl at the top when they’re expressing happiness. Take note that the tail will not appear stiff. You also may hear low purring. If it seems as if your cat is trying to groom you, don’t be alarmed! This behavior is their way of showing affection.

Deciphering Anxiety

When cats are anxiety, they will gnaw away at objects or scratch them. They also chase their tails and refuse to keep still. If your feline friend bites your hands when you haven’t initiated an interaction, this is also another sign of anxiety. Also, pay attention to if they hide when company comes or grooms themselves obsessively.

Deciphering Anger

If your cat wags their tails quickly, thumps it on the ground, and their vocalizations are loud and long, then watch out! Your cat is most likely angry or agitated. Aggressive cats are easy to gage. Their eyes will constrict, and they’ll be stiff or growling, lunging, and swatting. 

Deciphering Hunger

When this is the case, you will hear high-pitched, short meows. They will wake you from your sleep or sit near a scarce food or water bowl. 

Deciphering Affection

Cats show affection in many ways, even though they may seem contradictory. If a cat reclines next to you with their back facing you, it means they trust you. Head bunting, grooming socially, and being close to you are all tell-tale signs.

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