April 23rd is Lost Dog Awareness Day

Lost Dog Awareness Day Mount Carmel Animal Hospital

Today is Lost Dog Awareness Day!

Today is Lost Dog Awareness Day! We encourage anyone reading this blog to spread the news to fellow dog owners. In honor of Lost Dog Awareness Day, of course, we will share some valuable information about ways that you can keep your canine companion safe. Pets are family members, undoubtedly. The thought of losing them is heartbreaking. Here are several of the many ways that you can prevent your precious pup from getting lost. 

Fenced Yards, Leashes, and Well-Fitted Collars

Unsecured areas or unleashed pets are among the top reasons that dogs become lost. Even if your pet is well-trained, you should always keep an eye out and never leave them completely unsupervised. When you keep a dog inside a secure fence or tethered to a leash securely, it will give you peace of mind. If your pet loves to jump over things, opt for a tall fence. Privacy fences usually do the trick. You also want to ensure that your fence posts are at least six feet into the ground if you have a curious canine who loves to dig. 

Many pet owners opt for invisible fences or pens, but some dogs barrel through these areas, or unfortunately, don’t mind the electric shock if it means that they’ll catch that squirrel that they’ve had their eye on all day. You’ll have to use discernment when finding the right fencing option. However, on all outings, your dog should have on a collar that fits appropriately, and you should never leave your dog without supervision. A correctly fitting collar will allow you to easily slide your fingers underneath the collar with them feeling snug below it. If you need to use force to slide your fingers, the collar is too tight. If your fingers don’t feel snug to the neck, it is too loose.


In the unfortunate case that your canine companion does become lost, microchipping increases the chances that someone will find your four-legged friend. This tiny implant goes between your pet’s shoulder blades and includes identifying information that a veterinarian or shelter can scan to find out who is the pet’s owner. Many lost dogs return to their pet owners because of microchips. 


Well-behaved dogs are less likely to go off exploring. When you care for an obedience-trained dog, it means that you’ll be able to make them stop on-demand. When you can control your dog, it creates a safer environment, particularly during outings. Inevitably, dogs are always going to be curious about foxes, squirrels, and rabbits. However, the proper training enhances the communication between you and your dog. Plus, it ensures that your dog won’t run too far from home. 

 Photo Evidence

Should your dog go missing, you can take things to social media. Post a few clear pictures of your dog. Showing your photographs to your neighbors and asking them to help spread the news can work also. Also, when describing your lost dog, you should include some of its unique characteristics. “Missing golden retriever” doesn’t sound as descriptive as “Missing, male 35-pound dark-colored golden retriever puppy.” 

Other Ways to Honor Lost Dog Awareness Day

  • Get Your Dog Licensed
  • Get Dog Tags That At Least Have Your Number On Them
  • Get Your Dog Fingerprinted 

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