Today is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

National Adopt A Pet Shelter Day MCAH Online

The best way to honor National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is by, of course, adopting a pet.

Did you know that today was National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day? On average, the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Center (BARCS) takes in about 10,000 cats and dogs a year. When you adopt a cat or dog, you can help save a life. On top of that, bringing a canine companion or feline friend home can add meaning and value to your life as well. Pets genuinely make the world a better place to live. Today we’ll discuss all the pros of owning a pet, how to prepare for a new four-legged friend coming into your home, and information about how you can adopt a pet from BARCS. 

How Owning a Pet Can Benefit Anyone

Pets help cure loneliness, and they remind pet owners to stop, slow down, and enjoy the simple things in life. Canine companions and feline friends also help add purpose to a person’s life because of the extra responsibility. In short, it’s an excellent feeling to feel needed. Pets can indeed help anyone become more nurturing, responsible, organized, and owning a pet is a ball of fun! When you own a pet, not only are there emotional and psychological benefits, such as help with depression, but there are health advantages as well. Studies show that pets can help keep you fit, and they can lower your stress levels. 

How to Welcome a New Pet Into Your Home

When bringing a new dog home, you want to ensure that you have food and treats, water and food bowls, a bed for your canine companion, a leash and collar, and of course, some toys. The process is almost the same for cats, but you want to have a litter box on hand as well as a scratching post. You also want to pet-proof your home by putting away harsh cleaning products, painkillers and prescription medications, and any potentially poisonous plants.  

When bringing home a new pet, the rule of thumb is to remain calm, which can be hard to do. After all, bringing home a new pet is exciting. However, it will take time for a new pet to open up to a new environment after being in a shelter. Also, what’s of the utmost importance is that you prepare to bring your new pet in for a wellness exam a week after bringing them home

How to Adopt a Pet from BARCS

The best way to honor National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is by, of course, adopting a pet. The steps are relatively straightforward:

  1. Go to the BARCS website and fill out an adoption application after you find the pet that you want, and email it to [email protected]
  2. After you are approved, you can set up an appointment to pick up your pet
  3. Pay a $75 general adoption fee, although many packages and specials exist 

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