Happy March! It’s National Kidney Month

National Kidney Month MCAH

Happy March! Did you know that it’s National Kidney Month?

Happy March! Did you know that it’s National Kidney Month? Today we’re going to share some significant facts that you should know about kidney disease in pets. Just like kidney disease can affect people, it can do the same for pets. We will also go over some signs/symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. We’d also like to stress the importance of pet parents keeping their furry friends’ health at its best, especially during these challenging times. 

Statistics/Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Cats Vs. Dogs

What’s shocking is that cats are three times more likely to develop kidney disease than dogs. Geriatric cats especially are more likely to develop kidney disease. Signs to look out for in both cats and dogs include:

  • Less or more water intake than normal
  • Your pet urinating more or less frequently
  • Lack of interest in playtime or interactions
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Blood in the urine
  • Signs of potential dental disease; pale gums, smelly breath, mouth ulcers


Our veterinarians use blood and urine tests to diagnose kidney disease to assess the severity of the disease. A urinalysis evaluates kidney function by measuring how well the kidneys can concentrate the urine. A blood biochemistry analysis looks at the functionality of various internal organs by measuring specific enzymes related to each organ’s function. 


The treatment of kidney disease in pets includes veterinarians using high doses of intravenous fluids to flush out the kidneys and bloodstream in a process called diuresis. Another method includes pets being on a special diet that’s low in protein, phosphorus, and not highly acidic—this type of diet aids in lowering protein wastes and metabolic toxins, which decreases the amount of work the kidneys have to do. A third method also includes using medication to remove phosphorus from the body of the kidney. 

How to Honor National Kidney Month

You can honor National Kidney Month by continuing to stay educated and spreading information to other pet parents. Also, we stress the importance of keeping up with your pets’ wellness appointments and exams as well as your own. The number one way to prevent kidney disease or any chronic disease is by leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising, taking vitamins, and watching what both you and your pet eat. 

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